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    I recently shared myBirthday Cake for 2015,which was covered in hundreds of little pink chocolate curls.

    Chocolate Laye Cake with Chocolate Chip Cookie Layers and Mini Pink Chocolate Curls!!

    Here is a quick and simple tutorial on how you can make these as well!!

    How to Make Mini-Chocolate Curls!!

    For these little guys it's all 德赢体育游戏about the process.

    Here is what I do:

    1 bag candy melts.(I love德赢体育原件下载Bakerella's new line)

    2 tablespoons oil (this can be most veggie based oils or even shortening)

    Melt the chocolate and the oil in a large microwave safe bowl in 1 minute increments,stirring after the minute is up.Once the chocolate really starts to melt,I switch to 10-20 second increments.

    How to Make Mini-Chocolate Curls!!

    Next I take out a large,flat,and CLEAN cookie sheet and flip it over.We will use the BACK.(Sparkling clean is very important!)

    I pour half of the melted chocolate over the cookie sheet and spread out with an offset spatula.This is important,as you want thelayer to be as even and level as possible.Thin is good,but not translucent.

    Then I pop it into the fridge to set for 1-2 minutes.

    Here is the tricky part… the chocolate needs to be at the perfect temp.for those little curls to form.If too cold they will just break.If too warm will just be a blob.

    My perfect chocolate was precisely room temperature.(ha!,,精确的) It needs to be cool enough to form a shape but not warm.

    The best way to find out is to get out your special tool and start trying!!

    Have you figured out what our special tool is????

    How to Make Mini-Chocolate Curls!!

    I used a flathead screwdriver.

    screwdriver tip

    Like this!Obviously make sure it is very,very clean.

    Simply press the screwdriver into the chocolate at a 45 degree angle and then move forward slowly.

    Here is a little video on how I did my curls.You can see the approximate thickness of the chocolate and that I only went 1-2inches to get the little curls.(Some curls you can go 1/2 an inch to get that perfect spiral,some can be 4 inches long like the big curly-Q above) That little tiny break at the end was ok because I wasn't trying to get the long spirals.Shorter seems to be better in these mini creations!!

    How to Make Mini-Chocolate Curls!!

    The very best way to make (andperfect) these is to practice!My first mini chocolate curls were too thick,then too long,then too thin,then too rough,then too short,etc.But I did manage a few pretty perfect spirals toward the end.

    (You can see that some curls have a jagged edge… my first flathead screwdriver actually had the smallest lines in it and that made a difference unfortunately.-you can see the lines in the second picture above- Make sure that it is flat and SMOOTH like in the picture above.)

    I did 德赢体育游戏about 500 for my Birthday Cake and by #300 it was smooth sailing!!


    Here is a video of a cake I recently made with the candy melt curls.I simply used a LARGE screw driver to make these!!

    This cake was so much fun to make.I think those sweet curls really add fun and whimsy!!

    Homemade Chocolate Curls- easier to do than you would think!!

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    So pretty!I've done this once or twice for a very special person but it took me until 德赢体育游戏about the 400th curl to really get the hang of it 😉 And a screwdriver…I would never have thought to try that!I love to do two colors and get a marbled look – so fun!!

      That is such a great idea… marbling with the chocolate melts would be easy too.Love how you think!!

    Screwdriver tip – that's genius!I love chocolate curls for decorating!!

      Thanks!Me too… now I need to make ALL the colors… 🙂

    those curls….those curls….sigh.

    Hmm,adorable and mini?And chocolate?I am sold!!

      See,I thought you would be all over using manly tools in the kitchen.😉

    These curls are SO much better than the ones on my head 😉

    These are super cute!I'll definitely have to give them a go for my daughter's birthday in May,provided I can borrow my husband's screwdriver… Lol

      lol I think he will be ok with it.🙂 Have fun!!

    I've never thought of using candy melts to make chocolate curls!This is so cute because you can get any color!!


    I have never managed to get a good looking chocolate curl!Given how much I love chocolate,I need to figure this out because there's nothing better than chocolate curls on a chocolate cake!: ) Screwdriver trick is a neat tip,thanks!!

    Clearly you are a genius!!!Love this fun screwdriver tip!And 500 curls?Yup,you are an amazing genius 😉

    Whoaaaa… chocolate curls are so fun to make and they look so beautiful.And screwdriver tip?That's sooo creative!Now I need more chocolate for breakfast.

    Aw,wow these chocolate curls are so tiny!I never would have though to use a screwdriver.Genius!🙂

    Amanda…what an awesome tutorial!You make it look so easy!!

    Hey,Amanda,could I do this on the back of a glass baking dish instead of a cookie sheet?I'm concerned that the screw driver might scratch the cookie sheet and aluminum.

    Super creative,Amanda.Love it.I will come up an occasion to bake a cake and decorate it with such curls.Pretty!!

    My most awaited tutorial!Thank you for sharing this!<3

    So innovative ideas to make simple cake more interesting…..look n taste wise…..my kids going to love these curls

    Love this idea!I have used a potato peeler on a chocolate bar but that doesn't always work for other colors.The mint chocolate cake looks super yummy!!

    I am going to get two different size screwdrivers and store them with my baking supplies!Never have to worr you bout them being clean enough for the job!!

    Don't Pass on Dessert!!